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After installing or starting vibrate ringer, my device immediately slows down and I have to force close applications.

Make sure there are no other applications running that automatically change the sound profile setting of your Android device. Vibrate Ringer edits this setting, and your device can have problems when multiple applications are fighting to update the same setting. Also, make sure you only have one version of Vibrate Ringer installed (regular or pro, not both).

The volume buttons on my device no longer let me switch in and out of vibrate and silent modes.

Most people dislike the volume buttons on their device because when in your pocket or bag, the buttons often get pressed accidentally. It is frustrating to find that you have missed phone calls because your phone accidentally was switched to silent mode, and it's embarrassing when your phone rings full volume after you were sure you put it in vibrate mode. Vibrate Ringer prevents your volume buttons from switching the sound profile mode of your phone to prevent these unwanted situations. Don't worry... your volume buttons can still be used to adjust the volume level when you are in "Ringtone only" or "Ringtone and vibrate" mode.

If you would like the volume buttons to be reactivated for this purpose, send us an email to request it in a future update.

My device is still only vibrating using the boring old default Android operating system pattern.

Is Vibrate Ringer running? Make sure Vibrate Ringer is always running on your device so that the settings you choose can be run properly. If you force kill applications, make sure Vibrate Ringer is not one of the applications that gets shut down.

When first installed, Vibrate Ringer is set to continue using the default Android vibrate pattern. Be sure you've chosen a different vibrate pattern.

My device is not vibrating when it is supposed to.

Make sure Vibrate Ringer is running, and make sure that the settings you have chosen are set to vibrate the way you want. (are you in silent mode?) Do you have another application running that is preventing your device from vibrating?

It seems like vibrate patterns are getting mixed together.

Is there another application running that is trying to change your sound profile settings? Make sure you uninstall or disable any applications that automatically update your sound profile settings.

Did you install another application that causes your device to vibrate? If so, then perhaps both programs are running at the same time.

Have you previewed your chosen vibrate patterns in Vibrate Ringer? Maybe the pattern you have chosen is different than what you expected.

My ringtones aren't playing when they're supposed to.

Sometimes various combinations of applications cause your sound settings to get into a weird state. We recommend using "Sound Manager" by Roozen Android Apps to check the actual state of your device's sound settings. Make sure everything is set up so that your ringtones are free to play when you expect them to.

If none of these frequently asked questions helps you with your problem, please send us a description of your problem here.

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